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Friday, June 05, 2015

Highlights from our recent camping trip? Castles, a canyon gorge, beautiful views, strenuous hikes, and breathtaking heights! Literally breath-taking! At one point of our trip we crossed over a 1000ft bridge suspended almost 400ft above the freeway! Yeah. I lost my breath there! But I'm getting ahead of myself. Last week we were surprised with a three day weekend so we decided the family campout we always talk about doing, needed to happen.

With that in mind, I was excited that we were finally doing it! I love camping, emphasis on the love, but I had never camped with anyone under the age of three. So that curve-ball combined with the needed haste for planning this last minute trip kinda brought the "mommy monster" out of me. If you're a Mom, chances are you know what I'm talking about. It's probably not like this for everyone, but when I became a Mom the spontaneous care-free "hey let's go on a road-trip tomorrow and camp under the stars!" side of me kinda got it's butt whooped by the "I need to know and plan for EVERYTHING and take care of this tiny human!" side of me. I appreciate the mommy monster's skills in getting things done and remembering crazy random things in time pressed situations, but her desire to feel 100 percent prepared is fruitless! Not to mention stressful. Plus, who likes being around a stressed worry wart and control freak. No one. That's who.

Luckily the farther away we got from home the more the monster melted away, and by the time the Bavarian Alps came into view, I had rid myself of her completely! Something about being in and admiring nature always seems to help put my life in the proper perspective.

On our way to our campsite we stopped at Schloss Neuschwanstein.

That night we camped in Garmisch and at first light we made our way to the Partnach Gorge, and the closest parking happened to be at the Olympic Stadium where they held the winter olympics in 1936.
Look at the awe Alexa had in her eyes as we crawled through the Gorge! So much wonder and curiosity! I love it!

Photos don't do this place justice! It was so cool! I want to go back in the winter to see it when all the water has frozen over and there are icicle waterfalls!

After walking though the Gorge we hiked up the mountain and found this beautiful view.

Our last day we dropped by Burg Ehrenberg. We saw a suspended bridge from the freeway connecting two castles so... how can you not stop!

Alexa got to pull the sword in the stone!

I was really excited to go on this bridge, but I got up there and realized I haven't completely lost my fear of heights! The whole bridge swayed and you could see the cars below you... it was terrifying! Definitely the scariest thing I have done in a very long while if not ever!

Schloss Neuschwanstein, The Partnach Gorge, Ehrenberg, The Highline bridge. All of it was amazing! This was absolutely an awesome trip and a perfect place for our first family campout! I'd do it again and as always, Alexa was a wilderness champ! Get this! She only woke up once in the night while we were camping. Once! She's meshed so well into our lives, sometimes it's hard for me to imagine my life prior to her in it! She seriously brings so much happiness into our lives and I love that we get to share our passions and travels with her. Germany is so beautiful. We are liking it here a lot and I'm grateful that we get to admire some of it's beauty and wonder together as as a family.

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